Our Story

Founded by a team of experienced technical leaders, Lead Envy transforms the way an online lender manages their lead campaigns and underwriting process.

Our Vision

Bridging the gap between technology and design, Lead Envy creates a tool that simplifies the lead management process. Our goal is to streamline and solve pain points that lenders run into on a daily basis.


Hosted on the cloud with dynamic scaling, Lead Envy provides a secure and efficient solution. With our team of senior developers and latest development practices, we harness our skillset to create any customization in and out of our system.


Users can...

  • Capture traffic from internal websites or from over 40 integrated lead providers and publishers
  • Manage and control lead volume
  • Throttle traffic based on call center capabilities
  • Automate lead distribution assigning leads to proper portfolio in real-time
  • Prioritize portfolio within a ping tree fashion
  • Utilize 3rd party integration with top bureaus and data providers
  • Real-time reporting into your Loan Management System
  • Filtering by state, email ext, blacklisting of bad customers, ABAs, etc.
  • Good customer whitelisting – allow them to bypass certain filters (e.g. fraud)
  • Lead velocity to identify data manipulation or true data origination
  • Scorecard builder – rule-based system to create either a waterfall or data aggregate model based on the results of a group of data providers  
Loan At Last

"LeadEnvy has been an amazingly supportive partner, providing solutions for lead management, decisioning, site management, automation, and other technical solutions as needed."


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