Unemployment and the impact it has had on the lending industry


Wednesday July 8th was the first installment of a webinar series discussing current industry topics.

Invited guests included:
Liz Pagel – Senior Vice President, TransUnion
Chad Gray – Director of National Accounts, Equifax
Brian Muhlbach – Director of Communications, Online Lenders Alliance

These guest speakers from various organizations and roles gave valuable insight into current trends and future planning.

To hear the recording please click here

Installment loans: How to optimize your lead spend

Installment lenders face an entirely new set of challenges as they move from organic traffic and brick & mortar, to buying leads from lead generation sources.

The tools, models, and data relied upon for traditional underwriting no longer apply. And, most importantly, digital identity components like email and IP addresses, previously excluded from transactions, now play an important role.

In this webinar, we discuss how to harness new data sources like email, IP address and phone numbers with sophisticated decision platforms in order to produce rules and scorecards that give lenders an edge in their lead generation.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn
* How to leverage identity information to determine the validity of a lead
* How to create rules and scorecards using new data sets
* How to move beyond fraud and start auto-funding your best leads

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